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The tincture displays a nice ambery colour.

The tincture displays a nice ambery colour.

Vanilla tincture prepared using comminuted vanilla beans (Madagascar) @10% in pure ethyl alcohol.

The process is  trivial: maceration of the beans in alcohol at room temp. for 9 months and filtration.

The odour is quite satisfying, with a rich vanilla bouquet – similar to vanilla absolute though thinner and more volatile.

The topnotes are not very convincing due to a certain sweet-woody note of sweet almonds. The body is a nice rich, dense vanilla. The dryout is a creamy vanillin.

Not as beautiful as the resinoid or the absolute, but certainly easier to produce.

I am now investigating the undesirable nuance of almond – I’d prefer to get a darker, heavier, even greasy accent instead of an almondy feeling. This same note is also perceptible in the hot extract I made (infusion). I am now producing new extracts, in order to make a comparison. An update on this subject is in progress.