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Semisolid-viscous intensely yellow, blue fluorescent, mass.

Similar in odour to methyl anthranilate, but more sweet, oily, waxy, powdery and floral.
Useful for the same purposes as methyl anthranilate, where more tenacity and sweetness is desired. It is also more stable.

@ 100% pungent, chemical, thin sweet, heavy-flower, ylang, fruity, musty, grape.
@ 5% sweet, floral, ylang, orange blossom.

Useful in low concentrations in floral compositions, in imitation orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, tuberose, narcissus…
It reacts with aldehydes, forming condensation products (Schiff’s bases). Aurantiol is hydroxycitronellal+methyl anthranilate.