Sweet, soft, pleasant, fresh, nondescript-flowery odour. It may resembles jasmine for its fruity-juiciness aspect. It is less refined, stronger than hexyl cinnamal. It is useful in any white-floral composition.

Extremely powerful material
@ 1% Pungent, warm, sweet, dark, faecal, animalic, civetty odour. Less naphtolic, more refined odour in comparison with indole. More woody, dry, animalic, masculine, less floral.
More pleasant in extreme dilution (.1, .01, .001%).
Very useful in civet reconstitution, tonkin musk accord.

Strong, aromatic, green-camphoraceus, very thin and fresh, natural odour. It occurs in and so reminds of, lavender, citrus, flowers, especially orange flower, woods -rosewood-, and foliage.

@ 100% almost odorless when pure. Metallic, oily odour due to oxidation.

During evaporation a subtle white flower-lily of the valley-like, fresh, sweet, delicate nuance appears. It is natural and fragile, deep and beautiful. It is a great addition to any floral composition, especially to neroli, where hydroxycitronellal and other muguet odorants can’t compete with the simple and refined character of this molecule.

@ 100% medium-smelling, sweet, warm, powdery leather, saffron, delicate tobacco nuance, rose ketones, ionone, medicinal undertone.

Complex, dark, multifaceted molecule. It has character and stands well on its own.
It probably blends well with rose, woody, oud, floral oriental notes, not tried it yet. It has good tenacity.

White crystal flakes.

@ 100% powerful, repulsive, pungent odour. Tarry, phenolic, almost faecal, dry.

@ 1% still powerful and phenolic, but softer. Floral, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, jasmine sambac, orange blossom.

@ .1% soft delicate, woody floral, jasmine, lily of the valley.

Very useful in floral composition @ .1 – .3 % max. It imparts a very realistic effect, a warm natural soul especially in muguet, honeysuckle and jasmine. In too high concentrations it lacks smoothness and imparts an acrid nuance, heasily recognizable during evaporation, especially on skin. I found it useful also in an imitation rum, for its opulent, decayed aspect (that goes well with fruity, woody notes).

It is quite sensitive to daylight and it discolors aldehydes and ketones.