1. Kris said:

    How about:
    Isoeugenyl methyl ether


    • andrea said:

      Hi Kris, thank you for your suggestions.
      I will try to get a sample of Dulcinyl and Isoeugenol methyl ether and review them.
      Concerning Timberol: I only have Norlimbanol from Firmenich. I don’t actually know if they really smell the same. I will review it anyway.
      Okoumal, Datilat and Sulfurol, I will review them, and there is something interesting I have to say about Okoumal 😉

  2. Let’s do chemicals as the naturals are mostly quite well known. Would also be interested in the commercial popularity of extraction techniques: e.g.; steam distillation seems to be preferred over CO2 extraction. Happy to be corrected as I do not actually know!

    • andrea said:

      I didn’t heard about that. I think that the limits for CO2 extraction are the plants, they are very expensive and have small capacity. Steam distillation is very easy, you could perform it in your kitchen. But, as you know, we cannot really compare the two techinques in terms of product quality: a rose CO2 is competely different from the EO.
      An exciting technique is molecular distillation (DM), it is mainly used for separation purposes and to get colourless products.

  3. Timbersilk – what is that one? The ‘new’ Iso E Super? Also helvetolide and romadolide which were mentioned by Clayton (WMSSL) but I know nothing further.

    • andrea said:

      I will review Helvetolide and Romandolide, they are quite similar to me, in some ways. Quite interesting both.
      Timbersilk: I will get a sample and review it. If I’m not wrong, it is a special quality (isomer) of Iso E, stronger.

  4. It has been a while since your last post, but let me tell you how useful some of these descriptions are for me, thank you! If you ever felt like it, I would love a rundown on musks, a new world to me. Thanks again!

    • andrea said:

      Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I will try to satisfy your request. This is quite a busy time of the year, but starting from january a will try to write more often.

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