Methyl laitone 10%/DPG Givaudan

Powerful, sweet, milky, lactonic, coconut, coumarinic, powdery odour.
I used this in an imitation rum fragrance, where it surprisingly well mimics the effects of oak aged liquor: it provides a refined sweet, mellow, lactonic, woody, dry, musty nuance, and gives tenacity.

“Methyl Laitone 10% is one of the new “spiro”-lactones developed and patented by Givaudan. It is extremely powerful and very effective in all accords where a creamy, fruity volume is required. It provides “cosmetic” body to white flower notes such as jasmine, gardenia, tuberose and ylang ylang, and to fruity accords like peach and osmanthus. In sandalwood accords it provides milkiness. Coupling with coumarin and hay notes makes it extremely interesting and polyvalent. Its dry note is very noticeable, especially on humid and dry fabric.” (

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